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The gatsby-source-formspree plugin uses Formspree’s API to fetch form submissions. This allows Gatsby site creators to include user submissions in their website output.

Learning Resources (optional)

You can find out more about Formspree here and the Formspree API here.

How to install

To install it, in the root of your site run:

npm install --save gatsby-source-formspree

Then add the plugin to your gatsby-config.js file including your form ID and API key:

    resolve: "gatsby-source-formspree",
    options: {
      form: "YOUR_FORM_ID",
      key: "YOUR_API_KEY",

You can obtain your form ID by creating a new form in the Formspree dashboard and then copying the 6 digit ID from the form’s URL. See Getting your form’s hashid in the Formspree help docs.

To create an API key, go into the new form’s settings panel and enable the API. Then copy your read-only key and add it to the gatsby config. See API Keys in the Formspree help docs.

When do I use this plugin?

This plugin could be used any time you want to display user submitted content on your website. Here are some ideas:

  • You could use it to show a list of people who have RSVP’d for an event
  • You could create an online guest book for a wedding
  • You could automatically update your company’s team page. This would require a separate password-protected form where employees could upload an short bio and an image.
  • You could create a full comment system.

Each of these ideas could be coupled with a deploy hook to rebuild your site when a form is submitted.

Examples of usage

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code example

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This section could also include before-and-after examples of data when the plugin is enabled, if applicable.

How to query for data (source plugins only)

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How to run tests

How to develop locally

How to contribute

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