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This is a fork of gatsby-source-eventbrite made to support multiple evetbrite accounts and support for gatsby v1.9

Source plugin for pulling events and related data from eventbrite.

WORK IN PROGRESS: At the moment it just fetches events and venues from without further processing or filtering. Other Endpoints are configurable but haven’t been tested yet. Works with Eventbrite’s API v3.


npm install --save gatsby-source-eventbrite-multipleorgs

How to use

// In your gatsby-config.js
plugins: [
    resolve: `@jmusial/gatsby-source-eventbrite`,
    options: {
      organizations: {
          organizationId: `The ID of your organization 1`,
          accessToken: `your_access_token 1`,
          organizationId: `The ID of your organization 2`,
          accessToken: `your_access_token 2`,
      // OPTIONAL: Defaults are Events and Venues
      entities: ['events', 'venues','...']
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