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Community Plugin
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This is a fork of gatsby-source-eventbrite made to support multiple evetbrite accounts and support for gatsby v1.9

Source plugin for pulling events and related data from eventbrite.

WORK IN PROGRESS: At the moment it just fetches events and venues from eventbrite.com without further processing or filtering. Other Endpoints are configurable but haven’t been tested yet. Works with Eventbrite’s API v3.


npm install --save gatsby-source-eventbrite-multipleorgs

How to use

// In your gatsby-config.js
plugins: [
    resolve: `@jmusial/gatsby-source-eventbrite`,
    options: {
      organizations: {
          organizationId: `The ID of your organization 1`,
          accessToken: `your_access_token 1`,
          organizationId: `The ID of your organization 2`,
          accessToken: `your_access_token 2`,
      // OPTIONAL: Defaults are Events and Venues
      entities: ['events', 'venues','...']
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