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Community Plugin
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A ridiculously simple source plugin for the DropInBlog CMS.

DropInBlog Logo


yarn add gatsby-source-dropinblog

Add your ID

In your gatsby-config.js file all you need to do is add the plugin with the id option set to your account’s id.

    plugins: [
        resolve: "gatsby-source-dropinblog",
        options: {
          id: "<YOUR_UNIQUE_ID>",

If you don’t know your id log into your account at DropInBlog, go to the Code & Layout page, and grab the id from the first snippet.

DropInBlog Snippet

Why Bother?

The benefits of using this plugin over just using our JSON api with gatsby-source-custom-api is that we need to fetch data from three endpoints; our posts, authors, and categories.

Even when you get those endpoint there’s a strange scope problem, gatsby-source-custom-api can return all of that data properly but it’s all inside of an array called data. Since the data is put inside of a single node with an array of data you’re able to access everything fine but are unable to use any of the goodies of Gatsby like filter.

gatsby-source-dropinblog solves this by doing the grunt work of handling all three requests for you and generating the nodes in the proper scope so you can use Gatsby to its full potential.

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