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Community Plugin
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gatsby-source-dropbox npm version

Source plugin for getting data from Dropbox account.


npm install --save gatsby-source-dropbox

How to use

Configure the plugin

// In your gatsby-config.js
plugins: [
    resolve: `gatsby-source-dropbox`,
    options: {
      accessToken: `access-token`,
      extensions: ['.pdf', '.jpg', '.png', '.md'],
      path: '/path/to/folder',
      recursive: false,
      createFolderNodes: false,


  • accessToken: the token to use for querying dropbox. In order to get an access token you will need to create an app https://www.dropbox.com/developers/apps and generate one.
  • extensions: list of extensions used to filter out results
  • path: the folder to use to retrieve data. Defaults to ” which is the root of the dropbox project.
  • recursive: use this to retrieve files from subdirectories as well
  • createFolderNodes use this if you want see your nodes structured by the folders they where in

How to query

With createFolderNodes: false

The plugin provides some basic information of the remote files such as:

  • name the filename,
  • path the file path,
  • lastModified the last modification date,

The plugin makes use of the create remote node API of gatsby to locally download all the files in order to use them with other transformer plugins such as gatsby-transformer-sharp for images or gatsby-transformer-remark for markdown files.


query {
  allDropboxNode {
    edges {
      node {
        localFile {
          childMarkdownRemark {

With createFolderNodes: true

By setting this to true, you will get the following types in graphql:

allDropboxNode # everything that's not one of the above, will be of this type

You can now easily query for files within a folder. Lets say you have a simple portfolio structured like this on your dropbox:

+-- Project-01-Lorem-Name
|   +-- Description.md
|   +-- Gallery-Image-01.jpg
|   +-- Gallery-Image-02.jpg
+-- Project-02-Ipsum-Name
|   +--Description.md
|   +--Gallery-Image-01.jpg
|   +--Gallery-Image-02.jpg

You can now query like following in gatsby-node.js and create project pages with a corresponding template:

query MyQuery {
  allDropboxFolder(filter: {name: {regex: "/Project/"}}) {
    group(field: name) {
      nodes {
        dropboxImage {
          localFile {
            childImageSharp {
              fluid {
        dropboxMarkdown {
          localFile {
            childMarkdownRemark {
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