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Community Plugin
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Source data for your Gatsby sites from CV3.


This is a Gatsby Source Plugin and requires nothing extra to run. However, you’ll likely want to use other plugins as starters and to access the shopping APIs.

How to install

Install and configure like you would most Gatsby plugins.

npm install gatsby-source-cv3
  plugins: [
      resolve: "gatsby-source-cv3",
      options: {
        rest_key: process.env.CV3_REST_KEY,
        rest_secret: process.env.CV3_REST_SECRET

In CV3 make sure your store has the REST API enabled for the sub-user you want to use to control access. This user can get the REST KEY and REST SECRET from Dashboard >> General Options

Available options

Currently the rest_key and the rest_secret are the only options, and they are required.

When do I use this plugin?

Use this plugin when creating sites with Gatsby that need to source e-commerce data from CV3.

How to develop locally

  1. Clone this repo, likely into a folder next to your gatsby project

  2. Add this to your gatsby-config.js plugins section, adjusting for the path to the cloned repo and the location/values of your secret variables which you got from the CV3 Admin:

  resolve: require.resolve(`../gatsby-source-cv3`),
  options: {
    rest_key: process.env.CV3_REST_KEY,
    rest_secret: process.env.CV3_REST_SECRET

How to contribute

Contact us via Github or directly with questions, suggestions or help.


Review the src/schema.js file to see what fields are available and where.


  • Products and SubProducts with Attributes
  • Product with Kits
  • Product shipping & taxes
  • Gift Certificate Products
  • Rewards Points
  • Dependency products/dependency prods
  • Image processing?
  • Testing with larger data sets
  • cache/skip unchanged data
  • only fetch auth keys when needed


  • Regular Products
  • Categories & SubCategories
  • Products with SubProducts
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