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Community Plugin
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A quick and dirty Gatsby source plugin for retrieving data from everybody’s least favourite content editor, Confluence.

An example site is available on Netlify


npm i --save gatsby-source-confluence


Add the following to your gatsby-config.js file:

module.exports = {
  plugins: [
      resolve: "gatsby-source-confluence",
      options: {
        hostname: "companyname.atlassian.net",
        auth: "Basic XXX...",
        cql: "ancestor = 534095277",
        limit: 10

Please ensure that the following parameters are set:

  • hostname (Required): the Confluence base URL to use for all requests
  • auth: Your username.password base64 encoded with a Basic prefix. Please don’t check this in to source control ;)
  • cql (Required): a CQL expression to filter out a list of documents
  • limit: Defaults to 10. Please set this to the maximum number of documents to load in.

Known issues

  • No pagination built in, have to set a limit value above the number of documents to pull in.
  • Confluence storage often has macros embedded. Macros not handled.
  • Only handles pages, not blog posts
  • No page tree hierarchy (I told you this was rough!)

Pull requests welcome!

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