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Gatsby Source Comment Server

A minimal plugin that pulls comments from https://gatsbyjs-comment-server.herokuapp.com/.

The server is a nodeJS server that serves comments and allows posting of new comments from any website.


A blog has been created to test this plugin.

See it here.

Note: To load new comments, the server has to be restarted (A fix would come for this in the future).


npm install gatsby-source-comment-server
// or
yarn add gatsby-source-comment-server

Add into your gatsby-config.js:

  plugins: [
      resolve: "gatsby-source-comment-server",
      options: {
        website: "Unique URL of a blog/website"

What it does

It pulls comments from the server using the website as a distinguishing factor. And adds a new field comments to MarkdownRemak type containing comments that is added with the page slug

Posting of new comment

To post a new comment, a POST /comments can be made using a form with the following field in the body of the request.

  • website: String
  • slug: String
  • name: String
  • content: Content

Consuming comments

To consume a comment update any MarkdownRemark query to look like

query {
  markdownRemark {
    comments: {

And you can use the graphql helper to fetch the comments.

This comments is an array and could be traversed and rendered using React.

  {comments &&
    comments.map((comment) => {
      return (
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