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Source plugin for adding your cloudcms content and attachments into your Gatsby.js site


npm install gatsby-source-cloudcms
yarn add gatsby-source-cloudcms


// In your gatsby-config.js
const gitanaJson = require('./gitana.json');

module.exports = {
  plugins: [
      resolve: `gatsby-source-cloudcms`,
      options: {
        keys: gitanaJson,
        repositoryId: `myRepositoryId`,
        branchId: `myBranchId`

Note that you will need to provide API Keys to cloudcms, as well as a repositoryId and branchId (Help).

You can additionally provide a contentQuery to options with MongoDB syntax to specify what subset of your content to source. For example, if my site only contained content of type store:book and store:author, I could use the following contentQuery:

    "_type": {
        "$in": ["store:book", "store:author"]

More on queries

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