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Community Plugin
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This plugin makes your Published Backquote Blog Posts available to be used in Gatsby.js to build your custom blog frontend.

How to install

npm install --save gatsby-source-backquote


The plugin needs to know your Backquote Blog ID and Blog Access Token. You can get both from Backquote User Console. Add following to the plugins array inside gatsby-config.js file.

  resolve: "gatsby-source-backquote",
  options: {
    blogId: process.env.BACKQUOTE_BLOG_ID,
    token: process.env.BACKQUOTE_BLOG_TOKEN,

This example gets blogId and token variables from environment variables BACKQUOTE_BLOG_ID and BACKQUOTE_BLOG_TOKEN. Be careful to not share the token with public.

How to query for data

Try this example GraphQL query to get the imported posts:

  allBackquotePost(sort: { fields: time_created, order: DESC }) {
    edges {
      node {
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