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Community Plugin
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A Gatsby remark plugin to insert an embedded component for VS Code Extensions when you create a link in a markdown file that links to the VS Marketplace.

Here’s an example outputted component with the GitLens extension. Do note it still is a clickable component that will link to the marketplace for said extension.

Rendered component for GitLens


download the package from npm

npm install gatsby-remark-vscode-embed

and add it as a plugin to gatsby-transformer-remark in your gatsby-config.js file

   resolve: 'gatsby-transformer-remark',
   options: {
     plugins: [


By default, you can style the HTML generated through this plugin by default however you wish, but I have bundled some default styles in the package. To use them, in the file which you render your markdown, import the following file:

import 'gatsby-remark-vscode-embed/style.css'
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