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Embeds video tag in your gatsby project


npm install gatsby-remark-video


In your markdown

`video: /static/shots-demo-369bfe714a6b8981ecfc743f7e7e7008.mp4`

You can also add a title to the video tag by adding it in your markdown

`video: title: "Short demo": /static/shots-demo-369bfe714a6b8981ecfc743f7e7e7008.mp4`

Keep in mind that you need double quotes in order to title a video. You can also escape a double quote the way you might expect:

`video: title: "Short \"demo\"": /static/shots-demo-369bfe714a6b8981ecfc743f7e7e7008.mp4`

Add the following in your gatsby-config.js

	resolve: 'gatsby-remark-video',
	options: {
		width: 800,
		height: 'auto',
		preload: 'auto',
		muted: true,
		autoplay: true,
		playsinline: true,
		controls: true,
		loop: true
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