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Community Plugin
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Adds syntax highlighting to code blocks in markdown files to match with the spectre.css stylesheet


npm install --save gatsby-transformer-remark gatsby-remark-prismjs-spectre prismjs

How to use

// In your gatsby-config.js
plugins: [
    resolve: `gatsby-transformer-remark`,
    options: {
      plugins: [
          resolve: `gatsby-remark-prismjs-spectre`,
          options: {
            // This is used to allow setting a language for inline code
            // (i.e. single backticks) by creating a separator.
            // This separator is a string and will do no white-space
            // stripping.
            // A suggested value for English speakers is the non-ascii
            // character '›'.
            inlineCodeMarker: null,
            // This lets you set up language aliases.  For example,
            // setting this to '{ sh: "bash" }' will let you use
            // the language "sh" which will highlight using the
            // bash highlighter.
            aliases: {},


Refer to the usage specified in gatsby-remark-prismjs. I’ll flesh this README out some other time.

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