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Community Plugin
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It’s almost the same as gatsby-remark-slug yet it uses speakingurl instead of github-slugger for proper slugs on pages in languages other than English.


yarn add -D gatsby-remark-lang-slug
# or
npm i -D gatsby-remark-lang-slug
// gatsby-config.js
  resolve: `gatsby-plugin-mdx`,
  options: {
    gatsbyRemarkPlugins: [


It expects the language to be set as node field lang using createNodeField in onCreateNode hook.

// gatsby-node.js
exports.onCreateNode = ({ node, actions: { createNodeField } }) => {
    name: `lang`,
    value: `de`,

It’ll default to en (English) if no lang has been set.

Supported languages

Please check out speakingurl’s list of supported languages


Maybe add support for custom id’s like ### My Great Heading {#custom-id} as remark-heading-id does

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