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A wrapper around some popular graph tools to generate diagrams from embedded code blocks in Markdown with Gatsby.js and Remark.

This package currently supports:


  • Enable options to be passed to executables
  • Mermaid support
  • Other GraphViz layout engines like neato
  • Embed as img tag option
  • Tranform links to graph files

This package uses a simple (naive) mechanism - by default, read the code block, pass it the selected process and replace the current code block with the generated SVG wrapped in a div. For styling purposes the class names are the following:

  • remark-draw
  • remark-draw-dot (for GraphViz graphs)
  • remark-draw-svgbob (for SvgBobRus graphs)

In order to avoid conflicts with syntax highligters the language is postfixed with “-svg”.

To rather write the files to disk and replace the code block with an <img> tag you can specify the strategy: img option inside options. The generated SVG files will be written to the public directory and linked from there. For styling purposes the generated image title starts with remark-draw.


npm install gatsby-remark-draw --save

In your gatsby-config.js add this plugin under the gatsby-transformer-remark plugin:

resolve: "gatsby-transformer-remark",
      options: {
		"strategy": "img",
        "plugins": [
// ...

It’s important to add this plugin before any other plugin that processes code blocks like gatsby-remark-prismjs.

Since v1.0.8 options can now be passed through to the rendering engine to change default settings. For example,

resolve: 'gatsby-remark-draw',
	options: {
		dot: {
			edgeAttributes: {
				'arrowtail': 'empty',
				'arrowhead': 'empty'
		bob: {
			fontFamily: 'verdana'
		mermaid: {
			theme: 'forest'

Please see the Skyrta documentation for details on the options available.


SvgBobRus diagrams

This package expects svgbob_cli to available in the system path. Installation:

cargo install svgbob_cli

You can find specific instructions on the repo page.

In Markdown you can use a normal code-block with language set to “bob-svg”:

Bob markup

Which will provide the following (rendered) inline SVG diagram:

Bob diagram


Graphviz can be installed in most cases via your package manager. See the download page for manual downloads and installation instruction instructions.

In Markdown you can use a normal code-block with language set to “dot-svg” which will use the dot engine to produce the image:

Graphviz markup

will provide the following (rendered) inline SVG diagram:

Graphviz output


To render Mermaid graphs you need to install both the mermaid and the cli packages:

npm install mermaid mermaid.cli --save

Note the . in the cli package name - the package with a - that shall not be named here has been deprecated.

A sample flowchart from the main Mermaid repository:

Graphviz markup

will provide the following (rendered) SVG diagram:

Mermaid output


Demos can be found here.

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