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Community Plugin
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Getting Started

Install the plugin:

npm i gatsby-remark-dotnet-fiddle


yarn add gatsby-remark-dotnet-fiddle

Example gatsby-config.js

Add gatsby-remark-dotnet-fiddle as a child plugin under the gatsby-transformer-remark plugin:

  resolve: `gatsby-transformer-remark`,
  options: {
    plugins: [
        resolve: "gatsby-remark-dotnet-fiddle",
        options: {
          height: 600

Example Usage

In a markdown file, simply copy the URL to any .NET Fiddle and paste it on its own line as follows:

title: "An example .NET Fiddle"
date: "2021-08-05"
  - "Uncategorized"

An example .NET Fiddle:


An iframe containing the .NET Fiddle will appear. 🥂


I also use this wonderful plugin @weknow/gatsby-remark-codepen on my personal blog for showing Codepen snippets which served as the inspiration and basis for this plugin.

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