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Community Plugin
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This plugin is going to find all the links in your markdown file, convert them to bitly links and mofify the underlying markdown files, replacing all the links with the newly created bitly ones.

All the links will be available in your bitly dashboard, from where you can see how do they perform.


npm i gatsby-transformer-remark


yarn add gatsby-transformer-remark

How to install

npm i gatsby-remark-bitly-links


yarn add gatsby-remark-bitly-links


Name Required Default Description
accessToken true - Bitly API access token, see the bitly docs
namedBitlys false ["bit.ly", "amzn.to"] Filter out bitly links which have a different domain


  • In order to identify the source of the links, this plugin will add a tag when creating the link, as you can see it in the bitly docs. This tag is the first 50 characters of the slug parameter from the frontmatter of the markdown file. This means that you have to have a slug value in your frontmatter, or the tag value is not going be populated.

When do I use this plugin?

If you want to track the performance of your links in markdown files, this plugin is the way to go.

Examples of usage

Include this in your gatsby-config.js file, under the gatsby-transformer-remark plugins section.

  resolve: "gatsby-transformer-remark",
  options: {
    plugins: [{
      resolve: "gatsby-remark-bitly-links",
      options: {
        accessToken: BITLY_ACCESS_TOKEN, // see the options sections for how to get the token
        namedBitlys: ["mzl.la"] // optional

How to run tests

Tests are still work in progres…

How to contribute

If you have any questions, please open an issue and we will figure it out!

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