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Community Plugin
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Portfolio Story Starter For Gatsby

A starter template for Gatsby for designers and developers to tell stories about their work.

Demo URL

URL: gatsby-portfolio-story.netlify.com



  1. Tag support
  2. Component styling with emotion
  3. Dark mode by default
  4. Markdown for content
  5. Image Optimisation with Sharp


1. Install Gatsby CLI tool if you don’t have

npm install -g gatsby-cli

2. Create a Gatsby project

  1. gatsby new {your-project-name} https://github.com/NodeJSs/gatsby-portfolio-story to install this starter
  2. cd {your-project-name} to open the folder
  3. gatsby develop to start a local dev server at http://localhost:8000
  4. Happy Coding 🔥🚀🔥🚀🔥🚀🔥
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