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Community Plugin
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Adds entry points in the webpack configuration and includes those entry points in your Gatsby compiled HTML files.

:warning: This plugin relies on replaceWebpackConfig which has the potential to break future versions of Gatsby. The maintainers will do their best to keep this plugin working with Gatsby v2+ :warning:

When do I use this plugin?

Use this plugin if you need to load your own JavaScript files outside the normal Gatsby created bundles.



  • NPM - npm install gatsby-plugin-webpack-entry
  • Yarn - yarn add gatsby-plugin-webpack-entry

Available Options

entry: { [key: string]: string | string[] } (required)

the object syntax when specifying this option as this is merged in with Gatsby’s Webpack entries and therefore must be named. This plugin will verify your named entry points do not collide with Gatsby’s.

  • The value should be an absolute path like path.resolve(__dirname, 'src', 'super-app.js')


module.exports = {
  siteMetadata: {
    title: 'Budget Dumpster',
    description: 'Budget Dumpster specializes in local dumpster rentals for homeowners and contractors alike. Call us to rent a dumpster in your area.'
  plugins: [
      resolve: `gatsby-plugin-google-tagmanager`,
      options: {
        id: process.env.GATSBY_GTM_ID,
        includeInDevelopment: true
      resolve: 'gatsby-plugin-webpack-entry', // <-- Here is the plugin
      options: {
        entry: {
          "super-app": path.resolve(__dirname, 'src', 'super-app.js')

How to Develop Locally

This project relies on TypeScript for all the type safety goodness which can be found in the src directory. The compiled output goes directly into the root of the project because Gatsby expects certain files to be in the root.

Dev Workflow

  1. Get the latest updates npm install.
  2. Run npm run watch to tell TypeScript to listen to changes in the src directory and recompile on the fly.
  3. Link this package to an actual gatsby project to test the plugin working, there is a good article for this


Helpful Commands

  • Run tests - npm run test
  • Lint - npm run lint
  • Compile Typescript - npm run build
  • Watch Typescript source and compile on change - npm run watch

How to contribute

  • Please open an issue first so that it can be determined that the feature / issue needs to be implemented / fixed.
  • If it is determined that the feature / issue is something this plugin should address then feel free to fork the repo

and make a pull request.

In order to make following this convention easy this project uses an NPM package called commitizen. Just run npm run commit and follow the prompts provided when you’re ready to make a git commit.

  • Before making a pull request please make sure the tests are passing npm run test and the linter is happy npm run lint.
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