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Community Plugin
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Gatsby Plugin Use-Shopping-Cart

This is a WIP and not stable yet, use at your own risk.

This plugin simplifies the use of use-shopping-cart with your existing Gatsby site by handling the integration of the <CartProvider> for you. Use-shopping-cart is an API layer to manage shopping cart logic and handle integration with Stripe payments for secure transactions.


npm install gatsby-plugin-use-shopping-cart use-shopping-cart
yarn add gatsby-plugin-use-shopping-cart use-shopping-cart

How to use

plugins: [
  //...other plugins...
    resolve: `gatsby-plugin-use-shopping-cart`,
    options: {
      mode: "payment",
      cartMode: "client-only",
      stripePublicKey: process.env.GATSBY_STRIPE_PUBLIC_KEY,
      successUrl: "https://www.google.com", // url must start with http or https
      cancelUrl: "https://www.stripe.com", // url must start with http or https
      currency: "USD",
      allowedCountries: ["US", "GB", "CA"],
      billingAddressCollection: true,


mode - String cartMode - String stripePublicKey - String successUrl - String cancelUrl - String currency - String allowedCountries - Array of strings billingAddressCollection - Boolean

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