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Community Plugin
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This plugin allows to un-inline CSS from generated HTML files.

How to install

npm install gatsby-plugin-uninline-styles

How to use

// In your gatsby-config.js
module.exports = {
  plugins: [

How to contribute

So nice you wanna contribute to this repository. Thank you.

You may contribute in several ways like:

  • Blog or tweet about the project.
  • Creating new features.
  • Fixing bugs.
  • Improving documentation and examples.
  • Translating any document here to your language.
  • Discuss potential ways to improve project.


Please ensure your pull request adheres to the following guidelines:

  • Before sending a Pull Request, please make sure that you’re assigned the task on a GitHub issue.
  • If a relevant issue already exists, discuss on the issue and get it assigned to yourself on GitHub.
  • If no relevant issue exists, open a new issue and get it assigned to yourself on GitHub.
  • Make an individual pull request for each suggestion.
  • Keep descriptions short and simple, but descriptive.
  • Start the description with a capital and end with a full stop/period.
  • Check your spelling and grammar.
  • Make sure your text editor is set to remove trailing whitespace.

Thank you for your suggestions!

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