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Community Plugin
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Gatsby plugin to display your Trustpilot reviews on your website.

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Use this commmand npm i --save gatsby-plugin-trustpilot-trustbox or yarn install gatsby-plugin-trustpilot-trustbox


// In your gatsby-config.js
module.exports = {
  plugins: [
      resolve: `gatsby-plugin-trustpilot-trustbox`,
      options: {
        templateID: process.env.TRUSTPILOT_TEMPLATE_ID, // the value of `data-template-id`
        businessunitID: process.env.TRUSTPILOT_BUSINESSUNIT_ID, // the value of `data-businessunit-id`

Add import to your file :

import { TrustPilotBox } from 'gatsby-plugin-trustpilot-trustbox'

Add component to your file :

  • locale TrustBox locale, default ‘en-EN’
  • styleHeight TrustBox styleHeight, default ‘24px’
  • styleWidth TrustBox styleWidth, default ‘100%’
  • theme TrustBox theme (‘dark’, ‘light’), default ‘light’
  • minReviewCount TrustBox minReviewCount (null, 10, 20, 50), default ‘null’
  • defaultRevueURL TrustBox fallback link URL
  • defaultLabel TrustBox fallback link label
  • defaultClassName TrustBox fallback link className
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