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gatsby plugin for themes (and switching between them)

This is a style system agnostic plugin. No matter what style system you are using (styled-components, emotion, theme-ui …), you can use them with this plugin.

How to Use

In your gatsby-config.js file.

module.exports = {
  // ...
    resolve: `gatsby-plugin-themes`,
    options: {
      themes: [
  // ...

And anywhere in any of your components.

import React, { useContext } from 'react'
import { ThemeContext } from 'gatsby-plugin-themes'
// ...
const { theme, next } = useContext(ThemeContext)

Here the theme is one of your modules decleared in the gatsby-config.js file (in this example, dark.js or light.js). And I don’t care what’s in it, nor how you use it, you are the boss.

The next is a function to toggle between your themes. And that’s about it. Enjoy.

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