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Community Plugin
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Tested only on linux with gatsby v2

Add support for making a Gatsby site work offline and more resistant to bad network connections. It creates a service worker using workboxBuild.injectManifest.

If you’re using this plugin with gatsby-plugin-manifest (recommended) this plugin should be listed after that plugin so the manifest file can be included in the service worker.


npm install --save gatsby-plugin-sw

How to use

// In your gatsby-config.js
plugins: [
    resolve: 'gatsby-plugin-sw',
    options: {
      swPath: 'src/utils/my-service-worker.js', // Default to 'src/sw.js'
// In your service worker e.g. src/sw.js

// Required stuff

// The plugin will pass the files to cache here

// Another things
self.addEventListener('push', () => {
  // ...


For now the only option avaible is swPath and it’s the location of your service worker file.

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