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Community Plugin
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A plugin for using Snipcart with Gatsby.


In your gatsby-config.js file, add:

module.exports = {
	plugins: [
			resolve: 'gatsby-plugin-snipcart',
			options: {


apiKey (required): Your Snipcart API key. If not set, it will try to find it in process.env.GATSBY_SNIPCART_APIKEY.

autopop: Whether or not the cart will open once a product is added. (Defaults to false)

js: A Snipcart JavaScript file. (Defaults to https://cdn.snipcart.com/scripts/2.0/snipcart.js)

jquery: A jQuery file to link to. Set to false for none. (Defaults to https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/2.2.2/jquery.min.js)

styles: A stylesheet file to link to. Set to false for none. (Defaults to https://cdn.snipcart.com/themes/2.0/base/snipcart.min.css)

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