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Community Plugin
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Gatsby plugin offering a simple action framework based on redux. It is thought for highly dynamic pages in need of real time synchronization between model and view. It aims to be generic enough to integrate with others means of synchronization (e.g: the Gatsby Node API) as well.

Live demo



  • minimal: Demonstrating how reductions accumulate into redux state according to action parameters
  • list: Demonstrating how reductions split into redux state, initialization through URL parameters and list filtering, sorting and pagination
  • tree: Demonstrating how reductions collect into redux state and dealing with concurrent actions


In order to understand how to use the framework, please refer to the examples. However, in order to configure the plugin, add the necessary definition in ./gatsby-config.js

module.exports = {  
  plugins: [  
      resolve: `gatsby-plugin-silverghost`,  
      options: {  
        // [required] - path to your createStore module  
        pathToCreateStoreModule: "./src/state/createStore",  
        // [required] - path to your createActions module  
        pathToCreateActions: "./src/actions/createActions",  
        // [optional] - options passed to `serialize-javascript`  
        // info: https://github.com/yahoo/serialize-javascript#options // will be merged with these defaults:  serialize: {  
          space: 0,  
          isJSON: true,  
          unsafe: false  


yarn add gatsby-plugin-silverghost react-redux redux    

Installing the module locally

If you want to modify this plugin and try the examples you need to install this module locally first.

1 From the root folder, where this readme is, execute:

 npm pack    
 mv *.tgz local_modules/    

2 Then, in the package.json of the chosen example, modify the dependencies section to point to the archive

 "dependencies": {          
   "gatsby-plugin-silverghost": "file:../../local_modules/gatsby-plugin-silverghost-0.1.0.tgz",    

Finally, if there are changes made in the plugin code, in order to redeploy to the example you must delete the existing tgz archive from local_modules, then repeat step 1 and then perform a clean install of the example dependencies.

A possible way to perform the clean install is to remove the yarn.lock file and then execute yarn install.

When the plugin is installed in local_modules, you can modify it and see the changes directly in the chosen example:




The redux store creation code and ssr are copied from gatsby-plugin-react-redux
Silver Ghost is a speculation about the name of the yellow Rolls-Royce that Gatsby drives in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel.

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