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Cache directories in your gatsby project to a remote server to preserve files and speed up deployments via

Works well with, make sure to enable the netlify-cache plugin before the sftp-cache plugin.


  • Download from cache directory and refill it again
  • Compare file by missing on other end, modification date, file size and md5 hash
  • Keeps file modification date
  • Client: Windows, Linux, OSX
  • Server: Any host supporting sftp. MD5 hash comparision also needs md5 or md5sum installed on the server.


npm i gatsby-plugin-sftp-cache


Pass your server connection credentials, the remote cache directory and the directories you want to cache to the plugin options in your gatsby-config.js:

const { join } = require('path')

  path: `.env.${process.env.NODE_ENV}`

module.exports = {
  plugins: [
      resolve: `gatsby-plugin-sftp-cache`,
      options: {
        connection: {
          // All options:
          host: '',
          username: 'your-sft-user',
          password: process.env.SFTP_CACHE_PW
        remoteDir: '/home/your-sftp-user/sftp-cache-storage/assets',
        dirsToCache: [
          // Relative to your gatsby root directory
          join('public', 'assets'),
          join('node_modules', '.cache', 'gatsby-transformer-video')
        concurrency: 5 // Optional, defaults to 2.
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