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Adds support for deploying Gatsby websites to Swarm and IPFS by ensuring that assets are relative.

This plugin is a modified version of gatsby-plugin-ipfs to add support for deploy on Swarm.


# Using npm
npm install --save gatsby-plugin-runtime-path-prefix

# Using yarn
yarn add gatsby-plugin-runtime-path-prefix


Set prefixPath to an arbitrary string (eg: __PATH_PREFIX__) and include the plugin in your gatsby-config.js file.

  • Also make sure the option prefix is equal to the pathPrefix.
  • The option pattern should match the swarm/ipfs path prefix.
module.exports = {
  pathPrefix: '__PATH_PREFIX__',
  plugins: [
      resolve: `gatsby-plugin-runtime-path-prefix`,
      options: {
        prefix: `__PATH_PREFIX__`,
        pattern: /^(\/bzz:\/[^/]+)/ // use /^(\/(?:ipfs|ipns)\/[^/]+)/ for IPFS

To build with path prefix use the following command:

gatsby build --prefix-paths


Option Example Description
prefix "__PATH_PREFIX__" The name of the path prefix set in the gatsby-config.js file.
pattern /^(\/bzz:\/[^/]+)/ The pattern of the Swarm/Ipfs subpath.
forceTrailingSlash true Redirect /<path>  to /<path>/ when trailing slash is missing. (optional)
useBasename true Replace the relative paths (../example) with the current Swarm/Ipfs path after page load. (/bzz:/hash/example). (optional)
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