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Community Plugin
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A Gatsby plugin that posts to Rollbar’s deploy endpoint to signal your site has had its code updated. It supplies the git short revision hash as the revision in Gatsby’s onPostBuild workflow step. Only triggered in production builds.

How to install

Use npm to install

npm install gatsby-plugin-rollbar-deploy

or for yarn:

yard add gatsby-plugin-rollbar-deploy


An example gatsby-config.js configuration showing all the configuration options:

      resolve: `gatsby-plugin-rollbar-deploy`,
      options: {
        accessToken: your-rollbar-server-token,
        environment: 'production',  // optional defaults to 'production'
        localUsername: 'gatsby',  // optional defaults to 'gatsby'
        ignoreErrors: true  // optional defaults to false

The only required option is accessToken. Either paste your ROLLBAR_SERVER_TOKEN as a string or set it as an environment variable in your build environment and then use: process.env.ROLLBAR_SERVER_TOKEN

All other configuration parameters are optional.

ignoreErrors: defaults to false and raises an exception on Rollbar API errors. When set to true the Rollbar response is logged as an error and an exception is not thrown, so the post build step continues.


The plugin executes git in a subshell to get the revision so git must be available on the path.

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