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Easily remove the output contenthash from your built JavaScript files.


yarn add gatsby-plugin-remove-fingerprints

How to use

Add the plugin to your

// In your gatsby-config.js
plugins: [`gatsby-plugin-remove-fingerprints`];


Gatsby’s default behaviour is to include a [contenthash] for all built JavaScript files. The default output configuration looks like this:

return {
  filename: `[name]-[contenthash].js`,
  chunkFilename: `[name]-[contenthash].js`,
  path: directoryPath(`public`),
  publicPath: withTrailingSlash(publicPath),

This is useful for the majority of cases, but services like Netlify recommend building files without a hash. This plugin will eliminate the hash from built JavaScript files. The configuration looks like this:

if (stage === 'build-javascript') {
  const newWebpackConfig = {
    output: {
      filename: `[name].js`, // no contenthash
      chunkFilename: `[name].js`, // no contenthash
      path: getConfig().output.path,
      publicPath: getConfig().output.publicPath,


To learn more about the reasons why this is important you can read Netlify’s staff response to a Gatsby issue, Netlify and cache busting urls.

You can also learn more about how Netlify handles their caching.

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