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Community Plugin
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Gatsby plugin that integrates react-axe for a11y testing


npm install --save gatsby-plugin-react-axe

How to use

// gatsby-config.js

module.exports = {
  plugins: [
    // This plugin should only appear in your gatsby-config.js file once.
    // All options are optional.
      resolve: 'gatsby-plugin-react-axe',
      options: {
        // Number of milliseconds to wait for component updates to cease before
        // performing an analysis of all the changes. This defaults to 1000ms (1 second).
        debounce: 1000,

        // Integrate react-axe in production. This defaults to false.
        showInProduction: false,

        // Options to pass to axe-core.
        // See: https://github.com/dequelabs/axe-core/blob/master/doc/API.md#api-name-axeconfigure
        axeOptions: {
          // Your axe-core options.

        // Context to pass to axe-core.
        // See: https://github.com/dequelabs/axe-core/blob/master/doc/API.md#context-parameter
        axeContext: {
          // Your axe-core context.

Once added to your gatsby-config.js, react-axe will begin printing a11y warnings to your browser’s console.

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