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Gatsby Plugin: Purge CloudFlare Cache

This plugin sends a request to the CloudFlare API, optionally only doing so when an arbitrary condition is fulfilled.


token: string!

A CloudFlare API token for your site with permissions to purge cache.

A word of warning: don’t just stick your token in here as a string if others can see your code! Grab your token from process.env and use dotenv to make that easier while developing.

zoneId: string!

The CloudFlare Zone ID for your site (find it on the Web UI dashboard)

condition: (api, options) => boolean

If provided, this function will be run during onPreInit and its return value will determine whether the plugin will proceed. This is most obviously useful for situations where you only want to clear cache after a production deploy.

If condition returns false, this application won’t check for the required options.

While they aren’t necessarily needed, the Gatsby API is provided to this function in case it’s needed.

headers: object = {}

This object will be merged onto the default headers for the request sent to CloudFlare. This is completely optional- the plugin handles the basics like authorization by default.

body: object = { purge_everything: true }

This object will be the JSON body of the request sent to CloudFlare. Uses purge_everything by default because this plugin doesn’t have any special logic to determine changed resources.

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