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This Gatsby plugin will generate a podcast rss feed that is published on your site.

It can be used to submit to podcast directories such as Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify, Google Podcasts, TuneIn Radio, Pandora, Listen Notes, iHeartRadio, AnyPod etc…

The section in the feed that describes the podcast itself is based on values configured in your gatsby-config file.

Descriptions for each episode are generated based on values configured within individual mdx files, i.e. one for each episode.

The feed will be written out to a site root-relative path specified in gatsby-config.


This plugin assumes the following:

  1. You are using gatsby-plugin-mdx in your site to generate pages from markdown files.
  2. You will have one markdown file per podcast episode.

See here for background:


npm install --save gatsby-plugin-podcast-feed-mdx


yarn add gatsby-plugin-podcast-feed-mdx


Your gatsby-config.js File

module.exports = {
  plugins: [
      resolve: `gatsby-plugin-podcast-feed-mdx`,
      options: {
        title: `Podcast Title`,
        subtitle: `A pithy tagline`,
        description: `Podcast description`,
        summary: `Podcast summary`,
        podcastType: `episodic`,
        siteUrl: `https://podcast.com`,
        imageUrl: `https://podcast.com/podcast-image/png`,
        feedUrl: `https://podcast.com/pocast-rss-feed.xml`,
        language: `en-au`,
        copyright: `Copyright © 2020 Some Owner`,
        authorName: `The Author`,
        ownerName: `The Owner`,
        ownerEmail: `owner@podcast.com`,
        managingEditor: `editor@podcast.com`,
        webMaster: `support@podcast.com`,
        explicit: `no`,
        publicationDate: `Jan 25, 2020 10:00:00 GMT`,
        category1: `Arts`,
        subCategory1: `Books`,
        category2: `Education`,
        subCategory2: `Courses`,
        category3: `Business`,
        subCategory3: `Marketing`,
        timeToLive: `60`,
        outputPath: `/podcast-rss-feed.xml`

Your Podcast Episode Mdx File(s)

In each .mdx file you have the following…

type: podcast-episode
status: published
slug: /your-website-path/to-this-episode
guid: c30fddca-79fb-48b1-8ad5-69591149df8c
title: Hello, podcast!
subtitle: The first ever episode.
publicationDate: 2019-01-29
author: Podcast host
season: 1
episodeNumber: 1
episodeType: trailer
excerpt: Here is the excerpt for the first podcast episode.
url: https://podcast.com/podcast/episode.mp3
size: 206820339
duration: 3414
explicit: false
  - Category 1
  - Category 2

Your main content here.

Why hello there, I'm a podcast episode!


The main output of this plugin is an rss file for a podcast.

The structure of the generated rss file has been designed to support Apple Podcasts requirements and Google Feed requirements

The rss file is generated when you run gatsby build. (note: the rss file is not generated when you run gatsby develop)

For information about the general rss feed specification, see the following:

For information about podcast-specific rss feed specifications, see the following:

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