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Community Plugin
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Persist certain plugin caches through gatsby clean.

This plugin allows you to set-up specific plugins whose caches will be stored outisde .cache between builds.

Used in case of really slow plugins that get cleaned often than needed.


npm i -D gatsby-plugin-persist-cache

add to your gatsby-config

plugins: [
    resolve: `gatsby-plugin-persist-cache`,
    options: {
      enabled: !process.env.DISABLE_PERSISTENT_CACHE,
      persistentDir: ".persistent-cache",
      pluginNames: [`your-plugin-names-here`],

run DISABLE_PERSISTENT_CACHE=1 gatsby build to temporarily disable persistent cache.

run gatsby clean && rm -rf .persistent-cache to clear all caches. (Note .peristent-cache here will be whatever directory was configured as persistentDir in gatsby-config).

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