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Community Plugin
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Easily add Panelbear analytics to a Gatsby site. Configured to work in SPA mode and track page events.

Panelbear is a analytics provider that emphasises simplicity, speed, and privacy.



yarn add gatsby-plugin-panelbear


npm install --save gatsby-plugin-panelbear


In your gatsby-config.js file, include:

  resolve: `gatsby-plugin-panelbear`,
  options: {
    siteID: 'YOUR_SITE_ID',


Option Required? Default Information
siteID yes n/a Your Site ID as provided in the Site Settings page of Panelbear.
debug no false Write Panelbear log messages to the browser console and send events from localhost to panelbear. Please do not enable in production.
autoTrack no true By default, page events are sent when the route updates. Disable for finer grained control over when page view events are sent.


Custom Events

You can use window.panelbear('track', 'MyCustomEvent') to send an event. See the Panelbear Docs for information on the events API.

Use alongside Panelbear.js

Panelbear also provides an npm package for loading the script and interacting with Panelbear. This package is preferable to the plugin if you need types, or want to tailor Panelbear for your specific use case.

For the time being, you can use panelbear-js alongside this plugin. You can load the script through the plugin, and use the library for calls such as Panelbear.track('MyEvent'). Do not call Panelbear.load() if you have the plugin installed. This is not intentional functionality and shouldn’t be counted on in production.

FAQ and Docs

Please see the Panelbear Documentation for explanation of the Panelbear API.

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