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Community Plugin
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Audit and have visibility over the size of page-data.json files Gatsby is generating on build.


Install the plugin.

With NPM npm install -D gatsby-plugin-page-json-threshold

With Yarn yarn add -D gatsby-plugin-page-json-threshold

Add plugin to your gatsby-config.js, here is a basic configuration.

module.exports = {
  plugins: [ `gatsby-plugin-page-json-threshold` ],

You can define a custom threshold for you page-data.json warnings using the following config.

module.exports = {
  plugins: [
      resolve: `gatsby-plugin-page-json-threshold`,
      options: {
        thresholdInKb: 50,

Currently thresholdInKb is the only option, which defaults to 100, which was a sensible default for the projects I am working on.

After installation, this plugin will post a basic report to your terminal after your run a Gatsby build, which looks something like below, giving you size details and the page url that is responsible.

warn page-data.json is 121kb (21kb over the 100kb threshold) for /cool-page-url
warn page-data.json is 123kb (23kb over the 100kb threshold) for /another-page
warn page-data.json is 123kb (23kb over the 100kb threshold) for /and-one-more


If you are building a Gatsby site that requires a lot of data to be passed through pageContext then it can be quite easy for your page bundles to get out of hand. This can be used as a tool to ensure your page-data.json files are not growing unexpectedly.

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