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Community Plugin
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Create an OpenSearch description for your Gatsby site.

NOTE: This plugin only generates output when run in production mode! To test your OpenSearch description, run: gatsby build && gatsby serve


npm install gatsby-plugin-opensearch

How to Use

// In your gatsby-config.js
siteMetadata: {
  siteUrl: `https://www.example.com`,
plugins: [{
  resolve: `gatsby-plugin-opensearch`,
  options: {
    shortName: 'Github',
    description: 'Search Github',
    searchTemplate: '/search?q={searchTerms}',
    searchForm: '/search',

Above is the minimal configuration required to get started. The generated OpenSearch description will be included on all of your site’s pages.

For more information about OpenSearch can be found here.


The defaultOptions here can be overridden.

The options are as follows:

  • output (string) The filepath and name. Defaults to /opensearch.xml.
  • shortName (string) A short name for the search engine. It must be 16 or fewer characters of plain text, with no HTML or other markup.
  • description (string) A brief description of the search engine. It must be 1024 or fewer characters of plain text, with no HTML or other markup.
  • searchTemplate (string) The pathname along with any required query parameters. Parameters to be populated should be wrapped in curly brackets (e.g. {searchTerms}). More details of available parameters can be found here. This string will be appended to the siteUrl to generate the OpenSearch description file. Any characters which are invalid in XML must be escaped (e.g. & -> &)
  • searchForm (string) The pathname for the site’s search page. This allows Firefox users to visit the site directly.
  • createLinkInHead (boolean) Whether to populate the <head> of your site with a link to the OpenSearch description file. Defaults to true.
  • image (object) Allows configuration of an icon for the search engine (optional).
  • image.width (number) The width of the icon
  • image.height (number) The height of the icon
  • image.src (string) The pathname for the icon, e.g. /favicon.ico. The site URL will be prefixed to the start
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