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Integrate Openpay.js with gatsby project, generate device session id. Access to Openpay.js object from components.

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Dependencies (optional)


Learning Resources (optional)

OpenPay Doc

How to install

npm i gatsby-plugin-openpay

After install gatsby-plugin-openpay you cand add it to plugin list in gatsby-config.js

  path: `.env.${process.env.NODE_ENV}`,
plugins: [
    resolve: "gatsby-plugin-openpay",
    options: {
        process.env.GATSBY_ACTIVE_ENV ||
        process.env.NODE_ENV ||
        "development" ||

Available options (if any)

  • production

When do I use this plugin?

  • When you need tokenize a card.
  • When you need a device session id.
  • Get type card

Examples of usage

This usually shows a code example showing how to include this plugin in a site’s config.js file.

code example

//See this Markdown Cheatsheet on how to format code examples.

This section could also include before-and-after examples of data when the plugin is enabled, if applicable.

How to run tests

How to develop locally

How to contribute

If you have unanswered questions, would like help with enhancing or debugging the plugin, it is nice to include instructions for people who want to contribute to your plugin.


  • [] Update Readme
  • [] Do tests
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