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Gatsby Plugin: Open Graph Images

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A Gatsby plugin to derive and generated Images for the Open Graph Protocol directly from React Components.

How to install

  1. yarn add gatsby-plugin-open-graph-images or npm i gatsby-plugin-open-graph-images
  2. Place the plugin in your main gatsby-config.js:
plugins: [`gatsby-plugin-open-graph-images`];

How to use

The creation of Open Graph images is done by createOpenGraphImage() within your gatsby-node.js file.

exports.createPages = async ({ actions }) => {
  const { createPage } = actions;

  const openGraphImage = createOpenGraphImage(createPage, {
    path: "/og-image/index.png",
    component: path.resolve(`src/templates/index.og-image.js`),
    size: {
      width: 400,
      height: 50,
    context: {
      description: "a image created with gatsby-plugin-open-graph-images",

You can than simply include your open-graph image within your page. For example by using react-helmet:

  <meta property="og:image" content={domain + "/og-image/index.png"} />
  <meta property="og:image:width" content="400" />
  <meta property="og:image:width" content="50" />

A more advanced usage of createOpenGraphImage() is described in this dev.to article.


option type description
defaultSize optional The default size for the generated image if not explicitly specified.
default: { width: 1200, height: 630}
componentGenerationDir optional The directory where the rendered gatsby components are temporarily stored, to be later saved as images
default: "__generated"

If you use plugins that iterate over your pages, like gatsby-plugin-sitemap, exclude the componentGenerationDir:

  resolve: `gatsby-plugin-sitemap`,
  options: {
    exclude: [`/__generated/*`],
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