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Easly get dynamically generated open graph images for your markdown pages out of a custom template of your own and use the nifty component to pass to your pages SEO ready og images.

How to install

  1. yarn add gatsby-plugin-og-images or npm i gatsby-plugin-og-images
  2. Place your config options in your main gatsby-config.js as mentioned below.

Sample gatsby-config.js configuration:

plugins: [
    resolve: 'gatsby-plugin-og-images',
    options: {
      template: 'og',
      domain: process.env.GATSBY_DOMAIN,
      debug: true

Available options

option value description
template string (required) Provide here the template you want to use as the OG image page (from the /templates folder
domain string (required, unless hosted on Netlify) Provide here the url of your website, you can obviously store it in a .env variable and ie. process.env.GATSBY_DOMAIN
debug boolean (otional) Log the generated og images

In-built SEO component

In combo with og image generation the plugin provides a component that in combo with react-helmet provides SEO friendly og:images.

To use it:

import OgImage from  'gatsby-plugin-og-images'

const  Og = ({ data }) => {
	const { id } = data.markdownRemark
	return (
			<OgImage id={id}  />

export const og = graphql`
query og($id: String!) {
	markdownRemark(id: { eq: $id }) {
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