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Community Plugin
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This plugin creates a nginx conf file with the gatsby created redirects


In order to work you have to use the output .conf file in your nginx server

How to install

npm install --save gatsby-plugin-nginx-redirect

Available options

inputConfigFile (required)

The path for input nginx configuration file

outputConfigFile (required)

The path of the outputted nginx configuration file with the redirects within.

whereToIncludeRedirects (required)

The dot notation to define (using lodash’s get) where to include the redirects

Examples of usage

In gatsby-config.js

plugins: [
    resolve: "gatsby-plugin-nginx-redirect",
    options: {
      inputConfigFile: `${__dirname}/nginx.conf`,
      outputConfigFile: `${__dirname}/nginx.out.conf`,
      whereToIncludeRedirects: "server.http" // defaults to: "server"

Now you can use gatsby`s createRedirect action to generate your custom http redirects

How to contribute

Feel free to open an issue with your doubt, bug or suggestion.

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