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See the demo! ✨ https://gatsby-identity-demo.jonsully.net

See the demo code 🤖 here! 🤖

A simple Gatsby plugin for enabling a comprehensive and fully-featured Netlify Identity implementation into your Gatsby site. This plugin is a simplistic wrapper around react-netlify-identity-gotrue. See that repository for the full API documentation available within Gatsby.



npm i gatsby-plugin-netlify-identity-gotrue
# or
yarn add gatsby-plugin-netlify-identity-gotrue

Then, in gatsby-config.js, add an entry to plugins:

// In your gatsby-config.js
module.exports = {
  plugins: [
      resolve: `gatsby-plugin-netlify-identity-gotrue`,
      options: {
        url: `https://your-unique-site.netlify.app` // ❗REQUIRED❗
        // Do _not_ include any path (/.netlify/identity, etc.) and
        // leave the trailing slash off.

PLEASE NOTE - This plugin will fail if Netlify Identity isn’t enabled for your live Netlify site. Local development uses the same Netlify Identity instance as your live / ‘prod’ site.


Once you’ve installed the plugin into your Gatsby site and added the plugin options to your gatsby-config.js file, you can pull in the useIdentityContext hook anywhere in your site. Just add import { useIdentityContext } from 'react-netlify-identity-gotrue' to your file’s import statements (NOTE: this plugin pulls in react-netlify-identity-gotrue so the import should work just fine and you don’t need to manually install react-netlify-identity-gotrue) then anywhere you need it, call the hook: const identity = useIdentityContext()

In context, this looks like:

// my-account.js
import React from 'react'
import { useIdentityContext } from 'react-netlify-identity-gotrue'

export default () => {
  const identity = useIdentityContext()
  return {
      ? <p>Welcome to your account, {identity.user.email}</p>
      : <p>Please log in</p>

To learn more about the identity object and the full API available to you when using this plugin, please see react-netlify-identity-gotrue.

To see a fully working, implemented demo using this plugin (for ideas or in-context references), please see gatsby-plugin-netlify-identity-gotrue-demo

Note ❗

This repository, the underlying react-netlify-identity-gotrue repository, and the gatsby-plugin-netlify-identity-gotrue-demo repository that consumes this one are not related to Netlify’s netlify-identity-widget stack or @sw-yx’s react-netlify-identity stack, both of which ultimately sit on gotrue-js. This stack is written in pure React and interfaces with Netlify Identity directly without any dependencies. You can read some history about the three stacks here: https://jonsully.net/blog/announcing-react-netlify-identity-gotrue.

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