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A Gatsby plugin for pulling Liist config from a spreadsheet.

The plugin uses the gatsby-source-google-sheets plugin to retrieve rows of key-value pairs that configure a Liist site.



  1. Install gatsby-plugin-liist-config

    npm install --save gatsby-plugin-liist-config

  2. Add plugin to gatsby-config.js

    // In your gatsby-config.js
     module.exports = {
       plugins: [
         resolve: `gatsby-plugin-liist-config`,
         options: {
           spreadsheetId: '1234',
           worksheetTitle: 'Settings',
           credentials: {/* service account credentials */},
           imageSettings: [/* ... */],
           themeSettings: {/* ... */},
           fontKeys: [/* .. */]

How to use


Option Explanation
spreadsheetId The id of the spreadsheet (required)
worksheetTitle The title of the shett containing the configuration (required)
credentials The service account credentials generated from the Google Developer Console
imageSettings Array of image configs
imageSettings.key The key of the row the value comes from
imageSettings.dest The destination folder (relative to the root of the site)
imageSettings.outputName The name of the output (minues the extension)
themeSettings Theme settings
themeSettings.output Name of the generated scss file
themeSettings.formatters Array of variable (inner part of the […]) key (function) pairs
fontKeys Array of theme variables that are fonts that should be prefetched


Any images configured with the imageSettings option will be downloaded, placed in the destination folder and have the public path exposed as an environment variable.

This configuration:

  imageSettings: [
      key: 'GATSBY_LOGO',
      dest: 'src/images',
      outputName: 'logo',

Would result in the image being downloaded and stored in src/images/logo.{ext}. The environment variable GATSBY_LOGO would equal images/logo.{ext}


Any settings with a key of the format THEME[$secondary] will be put into a custom scss file located at src/scss/ with the filename specified by themeSettings.output. The value inside the [...] is the variable name and the values will be printed as is.

If a variable’s value requires a custom format, provide that in themeSettings.formatters. The key should be the theme variable and the function takes the value from the spreadsheet and must return a string to be written to the SCSS file.

For example a row with the key THEME[$default] and value #00ff00 becomes:

$default: #00ff00;

Adding a custom formatter:

  formatters: {
    '$default': value => `'Something'`;

Now it becomes:

$default: 'Something';


Theme variables that are provided in the fontKeys options will be treated differently. In addition to being output in the generated SCSS files, they are also prefetched using the gatsby-plugin-prefetch-google-fonts plugin.

Environment Variables

All other settings will be put on process.env using their key as the variable name.

For example


console.log(process.env.GATSBY_SITE_TITLE); //-> 'Site Title'




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