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InuitCSS is an object-orientated CSS framework. This package provides a plugin that sets it up in your Gatsby project.

There is a monorepo with an example site using this plugin, found here

N.B. Check the version number before you decide to use this in your production app.


Node Sass is a peer dependency, so you’ll need to install it.

npm —save node-sass


yarn add node-sass

And obvisouly you’ll need to setup Gatsby too.

Learning Resources


How to install

npm —save gatsby-plugin-inuit

Then, add the plugin to your gatsby-config.js

plugins: [

Available options

If you want to customise the output css directory (default is src/stylesheets)

  resolve: `gatsby-plugin-inuit`,
  options: { css_dir: "src/css" },


Don’t forget to actually import the css

import '../stylesheets/main.scss'

When do I use this plugin?

  • If you want to write your own SASS and use with your React components
  • As an alternative to styled components
  • If you want to build your own style guide from scratch

How to run tests

How to develop locally

Checkout the monorepo from Github and then to see an example Gatsby site that uses the plugin, you can run the following:

yarn workspace example-site yarn workspace example-site develop

And visit http://localhost:8000

How to contribute

Send me a PR!

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