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:globe_with_meridians: gatsby-plugin-indieweb

IndieWeb-ify your Gatsby site


npm install gatsby-plugin-indieweb


// gatsby-config.js
module.exports = {
  plugins: {
    resolve: `gatsby-plugin-indieweb`,
    options: {
      auth: {
        twitter: `example`,
        github: `example`,
        email: ``,
      webmention: ``,

In order to set up IndieAuth (for example via, add one or more social accounts and/or email addresses to the auth option object. If you are using a social account, keep in mind you’ll have to link back to your website from the respective profile.

To set up webmentions via, add your username to the webmention option. To get your username, sign up to Once you are signed in, your username is displayed on the right of the dashboard navbar. Usually, the username will be your domain name.

Any options can be set to false (or simply omitted) in order to disable the respective feature.



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