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Create humans.txt for your Gatsby site.



Gatsby plugin to generate a humans.txt file on gatsby build.

humans.txt is an initiative for knowing the people behind a website. It’s a TXT file that contains information about the different people who have contributed to building the website.


npm i gatsby-plugin-humans-txt


yarn add gatsby-plugin-humans-txt


Add the plugin to your gatsby-config.js and pass the options property an object representation of what you want the humans.txt file to look like. The example below can be used to follow the standard:

plugins: [
    resolve: `gatsby-plugin-humans-txt`,
    options: {
      team: [
          Developer: `Dylan Tackoor`,
          GitHub: `dylantackoor`,
          Twitter: `@dylantackoor`
      thanks: [`Gatsby`, `Node`],
      site: {
        'Last update': `2019/4/16`,
        Standards: `JavaScript`,
        Components: `humans-generator`,
        Softwares: `Visual Studio Code`
      note: `Made in Miami.`


Options are passed directly to humans-generator which maps top level properties in the options object from this:

  teams: [
    { Role: `Name`, Twitter: `@username`}
    { Role2: `Name2`, Twitter: `@username2` },

To a text file like this:

/* TEAM */
Role: Name
Twitter: @username

Role2: Name2
Twitter: @username2

To follow the standard, use the below options:

Name Type Default Description
metaTag boolean true Flag to include <link rel="author" href="/humans.txt" /> in the head tag
header String humans.txt Text to be converted to header ASCII art
team Object[] undefined Information about every human involved in the project
thanks Object[] || String[] undefined Path to external config file
site Object[] undefined Additional information about the site
note String undefined Path where to create the robots.txt

Or don’t! :man_shrugging:


  • Write humans-generator zero dependency alternative
    • Add filePath option to override default
    • change header option to print the value without automatically converting to ASCII (see awesome Netflix example)
  • Determine feasibility of automatically pulling the teams data from the git repository commits



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