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This is an altered fork of gatsby-plugin-google-gtag.

Since this might here the README at the time of the fork.


Easy configurable plugin to have a cookie consent popup with opt-in before loading any gtag script as required by some gdpr laws.

It stitches together the gatsby-plugin-google-gtag plugin with this awesome cookieconsent library.


Install the plugin via

npm install --save gatsby-plugin-google-gtag-cookieconsent

Add this to your gatsby-config.js

      resolve: `gatsby-plugin-google-gtag-cookieconsent`,
      options: {
        cookieConsentConfig: { ... },
        enableForAllEnvironments: true,
        googleGtagPluginConfig: { ... },

You might want to set enableForAllEnvironments to false to only enable the plugin for production builds.

In order to save space in your config file, I would recommend to move the extensive cookie consent config into a separate file, e.g. cookie-consent-config:

exports.cookieConsentConfig = {
  categories: {
    necessary: {
      enabled: true, // this category is enabled by default
      readOnly: true, // this category cannot be disabled
    analytics: {},
  language: {
    default: "en",
    translations: {
      en: {
        consentModal: {
        preferencesModal: {

And then import it in your gatsby-config.js

const { cookieConsentConfig } = require("./cookie-consent-config");

For detailed information of the available config please reference cookieconsent or gatsby-plugin-google-gtag directly.

Quick example configs can be found in the examples folder.

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