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Community Plugin
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Gatsby Plugin Gitalk

A plugin that simplifies adding Gitalk comments to Gatsby





The goal of this plugin is to allow users to bring their content to life and cultivate engaged communities by integrating Gitalk comments into their blazing-fast Gatsby websites. After struggling to integrate different Gitalk components into my Gatsby site, creating an easily-configured plugin for the Gatsby ecosystem felt like a no-brainer.


$ yarn add gatsby-plugin-gitalk


$ npm install -S gatsby-plugin-gitalk


Add the plugin to your gatsby-config.js file with your Gitalk config

// gatsby-config.js
module.exports = {
  plugins: [
      resolve: `gatsby-plugin-gitalk`,
      options: {
        config: gitalkConfig


You can use the plugin as shown in this brief example:

import Gitalk from 'gatsby-plugin-gitalk'
import '@suziwen/gitalk/dist/gitalk.css'

const PostTemplate = () => {
  let gitalkConfig = {
    id: post.slug || post.id,
    title: post.title,
  return (
     <Gitalk options={gitalkConfig}/>

export default PostTemplate

Custom style

Copy the file node_modules/@suziwen/gitalk/dist/gitalk.css , and edit it, then import your modified version.

Auto create new issue

This operation is option, you can create issue manually

// gatsby-node.js

const {GitalkPluginHelper} = require('gatsby-plugin-gitalk');
const gitalkOpts = {...}
exports.createPages = async ({ graphql, actions, getNode, reporter }) => {

  // this token (GITALK_CREATE_ISSUE_TOKEN) apply from https://github.com/settings/tokens/new
  // which must have create new issue permission,
  // and for security issue, dont push public
  const gitalkCreateIssueToken = process.env.GITALK_CREATE_ISSUE_TOKEN
  // Due to github api request limit, it is recommended to  create issue for recently added articles
  // select articles from table order by createdate desc limit 10
  if (gitalkOpts && gitalkCreateIssueToken) {
    for (let i=0; i< articles.length; i++) {
      const article = articles[i];
      const issueOptions = Object.assign({}, gitalkOpts, {
        id: '{article.id}',
        title: '{article.title}',
        description: '{article.description}',
        url: '{article.url}',
      }, {
        personalToken: gitalkCreateIssueToken
      // this function will try create new issue when it doesnt exist;
      await GitalkPluginHelper.createIssue(issueOptions)
      reporter.info(`create issue success`)
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