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Community Plugin
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Gatsby plugin to add google tag manager GDPR form to your site using idb-keyval.





With npm:

npm install --save gatsby-plugin-gdpr

With yarn:

yarn add gatsby-plugin-gdpr

How to use

// in your gatsby-config.js
module.exports = {
  plugins: [
      resolve: `gatsby-plugin-gdpr`,
      options: {
        googleTagManager: {
          keyName: 'KEY_OF_IDB_KEYVAL',
          routeChangeEventName: 'gatsby-route-change', // Tag Manager event to track gatsby route change (read below)
          triggerEventName: 'acceptCookies' //Global event name to initilize GTM
        // defines the environments where the tracking should be available
        environments: ['production', 'development']

Tracking routes

This plugin will fire a new event that you need to give a name in routeChangeEventName option on Gatsby’s onRouteUpdate (only if the consent was given by a visitor). To record this in Google Tag Manager, we will need to add a trigger to the desired tag to listen for the event:

In order to do that, go to Tags. Under Triggering click the pencil icon, then the ”+” button to add a new trigger. In the Choose a trigger window, click on the ”+” button again. Choose the trigger type by clicking the pencil button and clicking Custom event. For event name, enter the name you’ve created. This tag will now catch every route change in Gatsby, and you can add Google tag services as you wish to it.

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