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Doc gatsby-plugin-gdpr-cookie-axpetio


  • Have account Axeptio, is a solution from new rules GDPR cookie in UE (create here Axeptio)
  • Have create a projet with Axeptio
  • Add to a projet gastby


Include a summary of what this plugin accomplishes. Is there a demo site that shows how this plugin operates? If so, include a link to the deployed demo site and/or its source code here. Themes are considered plugins in the Gatsby ecosystem and should follow this README as well. Note that themes include multiple READMEs. One inside the theme directory with configuration instructions, one inside the example project directory, and one in the root of the repository which will follow this guide.

Learning Resources (optional)


How to install

Please include installation instructions here. Gatsby documentation uses npm for installation.

npm i gastby-test-plugin-publish

When do I use this plugin?

When i want include a new gdpr cookie UE with Axeptio


In gatsby-config.js

module.exports = {
  plugins: [
      resolve: 'gastby-plugin-gdpr-cookie-axeptio',
      options: {
        // !soit on rempli le gtagIdentifiant, soit on remplit axpetioIdentifiant ET cookieVersion
        gtagIdentifiant: 'GTM-XXXXXXX', 
        axpetioIdentifiant: 'clientIdAxeptio',
        cookieVersion: 'nameCookieAxeptioVersion'

If use Google Tag manager

You must have create a tag Axeptio and create triggers associated, you can see how make here: Axeptio GoogleTag Documentation

In gastby-conf.js you must add GTM tag in gtagIdentifiant

If use custom integration

See Axeptio Custom Integrate Documentation For integrate this script create in root folder a file gastby-ssr.js

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