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Community Plugin
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This plugin handles the setup, configuration, and, if needed, removal of service workers required by Firebase cloud messaging. The rest of the usage of Firebase messaging will follow your particular project’s needs, and can be set up as outlined in Firebase’s documentation.


npm i gatsby-plugin-firebase-messaging

How to use

General Setup

// Include in gatsby-config.js
plugins: [
    resolve: `gatsby-plugin-firebase-messaging`,
    options: {
      //required unless removeFirebaseServiceWorker == true
      config: { 
        apiKey: 'YOUR_FIREBASE_API_KEY',
        appId: 'YOUR_FIREBASE_APP_ID',
        messagingSenderId: 'YOUR_FIREBASE_MESSAGING_SENDER_ID',
        projectId: 'YOUR_FIREBASE_PROJECT_ID',
      //optionally override the firebase version used by the service worker
      firebaseVersion: 'FIREBASE_VERSION_NUMBER', //e.g., '8.1.1'
      //optionally disables development service worker
      disableDevelopment: true, 
      //optionally tells plugin to help unregistering/removing service worker
      removeFirebaseServiceWorker: true,


Note: Aside from config, all of these are optional.


By default, this plugin uses the firebase version from your yarn.lock or package-lock.json file. However, you can set a specific firebase version using this option.


Use this option to tell gatsby-plugin-firebase-messaging not to create a service worker file for development builds. Additionally, setting this option to true will unregister currently registered Firebase service workers in development environments.


Should you decide you no longer want to use Firebase messaging in your app, and you don’t want to leave a “stale” service worker registered for whatever reason, leave the plugin installed and set the removeFirebaseServiceWorker option to true. This will allow gatsby-plugin-firebase-messaging to unregister your users from the firebase messaging service worker.

When using this option, you can remove config from the plugin options if you wish.

Using with gatsby-plugin-offline or other service workers

Just use it. Everything works. No additional configuration needed on either end.

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